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Title Jacob Nayinggul addresses ancestors in Mengerrdji.
Description Jacob Nayinggul addresses spirits of returned ancestral remains as they are prepared for a reburial ceremony at Gunbalanya. Footage by Adis Hondo and audio by Suze Houghton for the film 'Etched in Bone', produced by Martin Thomas and Béatrice Bijon.

Comprises video recordings 20110718-MT_v0182_JNXX.mp4; 20110718-MT_v0183_JNXX.mp4; 20110718-MT_v0184_JNXX.mp4; 20110718-MT_v0191_JNXX.mp4.

Related annotations include 20110718-MT_v0182_JNXX.eaf; 20110718-MT_v0184_JNXX.eaf; 20110718-MT_v0191_JNXX.eaf.
Origination date 2011-07-18
Origination date free form
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Reuben Brown
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Language as given Mengerrdji|English|Kunwinjku|Urningangk
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Region / village Gunbalanya|western Arnhem Land|Northern Territory|Australia|Oceania
Originating university University of Sydney
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Event
Discourse type interactive_discourse
Roles Martin Thomas : editor
Reuben Brown : depositor
Jacob Nayinggul : speaker
Adis Hondo : recorder
Suze Houghton : recorder
Béatrice Bijon : editor
DOI 10.26278/ZHKN-M726
Cite as Reuben Brown (collector), Martin Thomas (editor), Reuben Brown (depositor), Jacob Nayinggul (speaker), Adis Hondo (recorder), Suze Houghton (recorder), Béatrice Bijon (editor), 2011. Jacob Nayinggul addresses ancestors in Mengerrdji.. MXF/XML/MP4. RB2-20110718 at
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RB2-20110718-MT_v0182_JNXX.eaf application/xml 15.7 KB
RB2-20110718-MT_v0182_JNXX.mp4 video/mp4 646 MB 00:06:43.608
RB2-20110718-MT_v0182_JNXX.mxf application/mxf 4.17 GB
RB2-20110718-MT_v0183_JNXX.mp4 video/mp4 89.1 MB 00:00:47.136
RB2-20110718-MT_v0183_JNXX.mxf application/mxf 557 MB
RB2-20110718-MT_v0184_JNXX.eaf application/xml 2.35 KB
RB2-20110718-MT_v0184_JNXX.mp4 video/mp4 16.6 MB 00:00:09.449
RB2-20110718-MT_v0184_JNXX.mxf application/mxf 128 MB
RB2-20110718-MT_v0191_JNXX.eaf application/xml 4.6 KB
RB2-20110718-MT_v0191_JNXX.mp4 video/mp4 356 MB 00:03:48.437
RB2-20110718-MT_v0191_JNXX.mxf application/mxf 2.32 GB
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Collection Information
Collection ID RB2
Collection title Kun-borrk/manyardi (song and dance from western Arnhem Land) and other performances, 2011-2019
Description Recordings of performances of kun-borrk/manyardi public ceremony from western Arnhem Land and interviews/discussion with singers/performers sharing their knowledge of public ceremony and archival recordings. Includes the following:

- Brown's PhD fieldwork recordings, 2011-2016 (see Reuben Brown, 'Following footsteps: The kun-borrk/manyardi song tradition and its role in western Arnhem Land society', [2016] PhD thesis, University of Syndey <>) including a mamurrng ceremony, funeral ceremony, local festivals and elicitation sessions recorded at various locations in western Arnhem Land and an academic conference in Canberra. Fieldwork funded by Australian Research Council funded project 'Intercultural inquiry in a trans-national context: Exploring the legacy of the 1948 American- Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land' (DP1096897)
- Recordings at a reburial ceremony at Gunbalanya, 2011, produced for 'Etched in Bone' by Martin Thomas and Béatrice Bijon
- Recordings of manyardi at Warruwi (2013) as part filming of 'Language Matters with Bob Holman' by Grubin Productions
- Recordings at Warruwi (2016-2017) with Ruth Singer for Faculty Research Grant investigating use of technology in maintenance of Mawng Language funded by University of Melbourne
- Recordings at the Wilin Centre, Melbourne (2017-2019) for the annual Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures workshops and symposia
- Recordings at Mowanjum, WA (2019) for the Mowanjum festival, funded by Early Career Research Grant 'Mobilising recordings of western Arnhem Land song to revitalise Exchange', University of Melbourne.
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Edit access Reuben Brown
Henry Reese
View/Download access Tara Rostron
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
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