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Title Paul Geraghty's Fiji materials
Description This is a collection of notes and images made by Paul Geraghty over many years in his work with speakers of Fijian varieties.

These files were digitised by Ritsuko Kikusawa who then deposited them with PARADISEC. Casey Ford structured the files into items and collections, and converted files into the format required.
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Paul Geraghty
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DOI 10.26278/4NZP-WQ44
Cite as Paul Geraghty (collector), 1969. Paul Geraghty's Fiji materials. Collection PG1 at [Other Access].
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Casey Ford
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001 Notebook R9 View
002 Wordlist Notebook - Polynesian languages View
003 Handwritten fieldwork notebook View
004 Notebook - 'Classified VB' View
005 Notebook. Various grammatic features of Fijian from different regions. View
006 Notebook - 'Kadavu, Ra texts, Nailuva, xxxx' View
007 Notebook - 'Vatulele' View
008 Notebook - 'Moce, Nadrau texts' View
009 Notebook - "Nadrau texts cont., Nakoroboya texts, Napalepale texts" View
010 Notebook - 'revised ext. vocab. I' View

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