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Title Funai Helong Wordlist from Oeletsala
Description A 585 item wordlist in Helong Funai. This list was filled in over two days in Oeletsala village (desa) at the south-eastern end of the Funai area. I stayed two nights in Oeletsala from the 14th of December 2017 with Ferdis Kristofer Tasae (Om Ferdi), a native speaker of Helong, and his family. Om Ferdi was my main informant but I also interacted with and collected data from other Helong speakers. In particular, Nikolas Tasae, Hendrik Ranboki, and Yaret Batmalo all acted as informants at various points. The list was recorded with Om Ferdi in two sessions on the evening of the 17th.

OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part1.wav contains the first 246 items and OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part2.wav contains the remaining items. Each recording has an accompanying TextGrid file (open in a text editor and save with .TextGrid extension). These TextGrids contain the Indonesian prompts used to elicit words. They can be opened in Praat along with the sound files to locate the recording of particular lexical items.

The lexicon file OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-OriginalTranscription.pdf contains the list as I filled it in during my time in Oeletsala. This contains a mix of phonetic and phonemic transcriptions. This is not a transcription of the recording. Circled items were those given by Om Ferdi during the recording of the wordlist.

OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-lexicon.txt is a toolbox file which contains the cleaned up version of all the Helong Funai data I collected. Nearly all this data was collected in Oeletsala, though it contains maybe two items collected previously in Oebali. This contains (nearly all) the Funai Helong data I collected including data which was not recorded. The use of different fields in this file is explained under the \lx headword 000.

Original file names for this Oeletsala wordlist began with heg-20171215-Oelatsala-Wordlist

Origination date 2017-12-15
Origination date free form
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Owen Edwards
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Dialect Funai
Region / village Timor
Originating university
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Data Categories lexicon
Data Types Sound
Discourse type formulaic_discourse
Roles Owen Edwards : interviewer
Ferdis Tasae : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/5ae9e08f496d3
Cite as Owen Edwards (collector), Owen Edwards (interviewer), Ferdis Tasae (speaker), 2017. Funai Helong Wordlist from Oeletsala. PLAIN/PDF/X-WAV/MPEG. OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist at
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OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-lexicon.txt text/plain 97.4 KB
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-OriginalTranscription.pdf application/pdf 17.6 MB
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part1.mp3 audio/mpeg 27.1 MB 00:29:41.109
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part1.txt text/plain 65.4 KB
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part1.wav audio/x-wav 979 MB 00:29:41.89
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part2.mp3 audio/mpeg 40.1 MB 00:43:52.539
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part2.txt text/plain 91.2 KB
OE7-heg20171215_OelatsalaWordlist-Part2.wav audio/x-wav 1.41 GB 00:43:52.539
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Collection Information
Collection ID OE7
Collection title Funai Helong Recordings
Description Materials collected on Funai Helong

This data was collected with the support of the Language and Culture Unit (UBB) in Kupang.

Data collection made possible by Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships program funded by Australian government’s Department of Education and Training
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