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Title Edwards Thesis Recordings
Description Recordings of used for Owen Edwards’ 2016 Ph.D. Thesis. Metathesis and Unmetathesis: Parallelism and Complementarity in Amarasi, Timor (

Predominately Kotos Amarasi [aaz]

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Owen Edwards
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/58949afab6af0
Cite as Owen Edwards (collector), 2009. Edwards Thesis Recordings. Collection OE1 at [Other Access].
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aaz20090524 Wedding Chant View
aaz20120715_00 Welcome Chant View
aaz20120715_01 Description of Nekmese View
aaz20120715_02 Farming in Nekmese' View
aaz20120715_03 Traditional Folktale View
aaz20120715_04 Traditional Folktales View
aaz20120923_01 Biku View
aaz20120923_02 Bunu View
aaz20130821_01 Genealogy of Sarlina View
aaz20130822_01 How Kuareno' got its name View

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