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Collection ID NT9
Title South Efate and Lelepa, photographs
Description Photos taken during 2006 fieldwork on South Efate and Lelepa.
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Nick Thieberger
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E975CD95B43
Cite as Nick Thieberger (collector), 2006. South Efate and Lelepa, photographs. Collection NT9 at [Open Access].
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Amanda Harris
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1817 Limas and Limok Kalsarap View
1818 Limas and Limok Kalsarap View
1826 nasisa, shellfish sp. View
1828 nasisa, shellfish sp. View
1829 luplar, shellfish sp. View
1830 ntali View
1831 ntali View
1832 naplul m̃il, wild burao (hibiscus) View
1833 nareo, banyan, type of banyan View
1834 nata View

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