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Title Recordings in South Efate: Limok, Toufaakal, Kalokis Wisau
Description Handwritten transcripts by Manuel Wayane are stored as jpg images with this item.
Origination date 1998-11-11
Origination date free form
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Nick Thieberger
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Language as given Nafsan
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Region / village Erakor village
Originating university University of Melbourne
Operator Corin Bone
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type
Roles Nick Thieberger : depositor
Nick Thieberger : recorder
Limok : speaker
Toufaakal : speaker
Kalokis Wisau : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56F94AAFED7B1
Cite as Nick Thieberger (collector), Nick Thieberger (depositor, recorder), Limok (speaker), Toufaakal (speaker), Kalokis Wisau (speaker), 1998. Recordings in South Efate: Limok, Toufaakal, Kalokis Wisau. EAF+XML/MPEG/VND.WAV/XML/PLAIN/JPEG. NT1-98021 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID NT1
Collection title South Efate (Vanuatu)
Description Records in this collection were made during fieldwork, mainly in Erakor Village, Efate, Vanuatu since 1996. They consist of audio recordings of South Efate speakers, originally on audio cassettes (hence there are often A and B sides of a single item). There is a total of over 40 hours of language material, and the collection includes time-aligned transcripts in Elan for many recordings, and interlinear text for a small proportion of them. It also includes field notes. The material here is the basis for Thieberger's grammar of South Efate which also cites primary material in this collection. Where there is a transcript the file has the same name as the recording with a .txt extension. These transcriptions are not as accurate as the versions that are found in the interlinear annotation, and also have relics of earlier transcription conventions (p$ and m$ for coarticulated p̃ and m̃).
Many of these transcripts have then been interlinearised in the version that can be found in NT8. More recordings and other material in South Efate can be found in collections NT1 to NT7 in PARADISEC. A description of the collections is given here:
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