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Collection ID NR01
Title Talking Ngan'gi
Description 50 films of people speaking the northern Australian language Ngan'gi made by Nick Reid at Nauiyu in 2013.
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Nicholas Reid
Originating university University of New England
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DOI 10.4225/72/582096fa4fffe
Cite as Nicholas Reid (collector), 2013. Talking Ngan'gi. Collection NR01 at [Open Access].
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Nicholas Reid
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01 Screenprinting at Merrepen Arts Centre View
02 Caught by the police View
03 Wudapu's Didjeridu View
04 Henry's snakebite View
05 Going fishing View
06 Nearly Drowning View
07 Teaching kids language View
08 My Country Lafuganying View
09 Growing up with my dads View
10 Growing Up View

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