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Title Western Solomons recordings
Description A collection of recordings made by Rev George and Nancy Carter in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (Bougainville) from 1951-1965
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Lynne McDonald
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Region / village Bougainville, Western Solomons
DOI 10.4225/72/56E97784DFF25
Cite as Lynne McDonald (collector), 1963. Western Solomons recordings. Collection NC1 at [Open Access].
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Lynne McDonald
Shubo Li
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001 Teop old songs/chants View
002 Family at Teop View
003 BANGA 5 May 1964 View
004 Kekeow Christmas 1963 View
005 1972 Trip Eliz View
006a NPC Bougainville Trip 1965 View
006b 60th Methodist Solomon View
007a Service Teop1 View
007b Kieta Kihili View
008 702 Copy of 1970 Trip to Solomons and New Guinea View

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