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Title Stringband songs of John Wowono and Tabunatava
Description Tape# 1, Side A&B - Stringband songs session at Nangananga Village by John Wowono and Tabunatava.

Song#1 (Tabunatava): Data Tavavung (tara mala malana) - when we wake up in the morning we wash in the sea.
Song#2(Tabunatava): Levi - man found dead on shores of Salamaua Island, Morobe Province
Song#3(Tabunatava): Bebe - life of butterflies on Salamaua Island, Morobe Province
Song#4(Tabunatava): - a young girl's attraction to a man dance performance and got the man to marry her
Song#5 (Wowono): Papa ra tava - sitting by the riverside enjoying the water flow and thinking of home far away
Song#6 (Wowono): Siapan i bom kapi ra ura gan - Japanese dropping bombs on machine guns during raids and fighting with American fighter planes during the war.
Song#7 (Wowono): Iau tur Nangananga ma iau gire ra kaia - standing at Nangananga looking out towards the volcano erupting
Song#8 (Samoan Song): Topaia lalau pele
Song#9 (Wowono): Nunuk up u - thinking of ex-girlfriend in the moonlit night
Song#10 (Wowono): Ta ra mari na ravian - relaxing at beach in an afternoon
Song#11 (Wowono): Biavui tara karabus - while in prision hearing birds singing

(Steven Gagau, May 2019)
Origination date 1993-09-02
Origination date free form
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Michael Webb
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Region / village Nangananga, Kokopo, Gazelle Peninsula, East New Britain Province
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
Data Categories song
Data Types Sound
Discourse type singing
Roles Steven Gagau : data_inputter
Michael Webb : recorder
Maria Palaem : participant
Livita Selin : participant
Lui Kinamata : participant
Anton Laparani : participant
Isidor Vuvul : participant
Lawrence Burua : participant
Peter Potip : participant
Thomas Kilini : participant
Gabriel Watlik : participant
Martin Labet : participant
Toget Malatau : participant
Henry Kiliu : participant
DOI 10.26278/T6NB-GE54
Cite as Michael Webb (collector), Steven Gagau (data_inputter), Michael Webb (recorder), Maria Palaem (participant), Livita Selin (participant), Lui Kinamata (participant), Anton Laparani (participant), Isidor Vuvul (participant), Lawrence Burua (participant), Peter Potip (participant), Thomas Kilini (participant), Gabriel Watlik (participant), Martin Labet (participant), Toget Malatau (participant), Henry Kiliu (participant), 1993. Stringband songs of John Wowono and Tabunatava. MPEG/VND.WAV. MW6-082 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID MW6
Collection title Music in Rabaul, Gazelle Peninsula, ENBP and New Guinea Islands Region (ca. 1950s - 1990s)
Description Recordings of a wide range of music in Rabaul 1950s-1990s covering areas of the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain Province and the New Guinea Islands Region. This collection was the PhD research work by Dr Michael Webb focused on music of Melanesia in the Pacific. This collection was located as a result of PARADISEC's 'Lost and Found' project and digitisation was funded by the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.

Note: This video recording on Item MW6-012 labelled Queens Birthday Singsing, Rabaul in 1993 was unable to be digitised due to poor quality of tape so deleted from collection.
(Steven Gagau)
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Steven Gagau
Michael Webb
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