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Title Describe school
Description AY18 ; Title: Describe school ; Location: Room, Duragaun-9 ; Participants: Muna Tamang ; genre: report ; Includes Nepali written translation ; includes slow respeaking recording and Nepali translation recording.
Origination date 2013-12-29
Origination date free form
Archive link
Mother Tongue Centre Nepal
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Language as given Syuba
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Region / village Ramechhap district
Originating university
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type report
DOI 10.4225/72/5a2aa9604d55a
Cite as Mother Tongue Centre Nepal (collector), 2013. Describe school. MPEG/VND.WAV. MTC1-AY18 at
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MTC1-AY18-Annotations_0_to_5_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 54.1 KB 00:00:03.318
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_0_to_5_Careful.wav audio/vnd.wav 2.06 MB 00:00:03.299
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_0_to_5_Translation.mp3 audio/mpeg 64.1 KB 00:00:03.918
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_0_to_5_Translation.wav audio/vnd.wav 2.39 MB 00:00:03.899
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_103_8_to_106_5_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 66.1 KB 00:00:04.22
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_103_8_to_106_5_Careful.wav audio/vnd.wav 2.45 MB 00:00:04.0
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_103_8_to_106_5_Translation.mp3 audio/mpeg 52.1 KB 00:00:03.213
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_103_8_to_106_5_Translation.wav audio/vnd.wav 2.01 MB 00:00:03.200
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_106_5_to_109_1_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 72.1 KB 00:00:04.415
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_106_5_to_109_1_Careful.wav audio/vnd.wav 2.66 MB 00:00:04.400
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_106_5_to_109_1_Translation.mp3 audio/mpeg 46.1 KB 00:00:02.821
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_106_5_to_109_1_Translation.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.79 MB 00:00:02.799
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_109_1_to_110_3_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 24.1 KB 00:00:01.415
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_109_1_to_110_3_Careful.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.02 MB 00:00:01.399
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_109_1_to_110_3_Translation.mp3 audio/mpeg 24.1 KB 00:00:01.415
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_109_1_to_110_3_Translation.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.02 MB 00:00:01.399
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_11_1_to_15_9_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 94.1 KB 00:00:05.929
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_11_1_to_15_9_Careful.wav audio/vnd.wav 3.49 MB 00:00:05.900
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_11_1_to_15_9_Translation.mp3 audio/mpeg 100 KB 00:00:06.216
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_11_1_to_15_9_Translation.wav audio/vnd.wav 3.65 MB 00:00:06.200
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_110_3_to_113_225_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 50.1 KB 00:00:03.31
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_110_3_to_113_225_Careful.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.9 MB 00:00:03.0
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_110_3_to_113_225_Translation.mp3 audio/mpeg 38.1 KB 00:00:02.222
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_110_3_to_113_225_Translation.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.46 MB 00:00:02.200
MTC1-AY18-Annotations_113_225_to_115_038_Careful.mp3 audio/mpeg 36.1 KB 00:00:02.116
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Collection Information
Collection ID MTC1
Collection title Syuba audio recordings from the Mother Tongue Centre Nepal (MTCN)
Description This collection includes audio recordings of Syuba speakers, made in collaboration with the Mother Tongue Centre Nepal (MTCN) in December 2013. There are also a small number of video recordings. Many of the recordings have been transcribed in Syuba using the orthography developed in 2014, and also include Nepali translations.
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Edit access Lauren Gawne
View/Download access Lauren Gawne
Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Data access narrative

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