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Title Patrick Jupiter Smith & Marie Mudgedell, Balgo WA
Description Recorded Monday 15 April 2019
Balgo with Felicity Meakins at the Art Centre.
Patrick Jupiter Smith & Marie Mudgedell

Discussing Laka and Puranguwana

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20190415Balgo_04.wav Asking about Aus 650 (dont really know it)

PAKAM 2006 recording


This is the story of Puranguwana, which means perishing in the sun. An old man, Yawalyurru, was trying to go to Gordon Downs from Sturt Creek. He camped halfway there with his wife and two children. They ran out of water because they had been walking in the wrong direction. The old man told his family he was going to look for water. He started walking a long way from the family. He followed mirage after mirage. But when he got near there was no water. He kept doing that for hours and hours. He was getting dizzy and weak from dehydration. He got worse and passed away there. Then his spirit came up and was going back to his country to the south east near Kiwirrkura and Kintore. He was a Pintupi man. But before he left, he gave the song to the Jaru people and they sing it today at special events.
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Collection title Interviews about the Wanji-wanji ceremony, a travelling corroboree of inland Australia
Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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