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Friday 14 December 2018, ca 4pm-5:15pm.
Donkeyman Lee Tjupurrurla 1920-1994.

Playing recordings of and talking about the Laka songs with Pintupi man Lyle Gibson Tjakamarra at 2/17 Wilshire st with Peter Bartlett. Discussion primarily in English.

Audio recorded on Fostex FR2 with Rode lapel mic, by Myfany Turpin
No photos or video taken.

John Lee is Donkeyman's eldest son. He lives at Kunanarra and is on dialysis (I think)

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Peter asks most questions.
Lyle thinks the singer on Aus 650/2 is Donkeyan not Wimintji.

Lyle thinks DDonkeyman is in a photo from Donald Thompson's Lubbi-lubbi collection.
Lyle knew man called Yawalyurru Tjapangardi but didnt know his whitefella name.
Kutarlpa is a place near Halls Creek where Yawalyurru was

Discussing Lyle's father and Donkeyman's relatives
Tawurra (?)
Wanarijarra (soakage, possibly also brother of Donkeyman)
Lyle says Kukatja language but they call us Pintupi people
[Wanarijarra is mentioned in Mapping Our World: Terra Incognita To Australia
. See screen shot in folder]

Discussion of Donkeyman stealing goats
Wirntiki 'curlew'
Men travelled looking for wives

Moyle's notes say that Donkeyman was born 1920 at Narrowband 'Marrapinti'. On another document he writes Kantapinta rockhole was his birth place.
"Donkeyman was 'found'at Tjulta and spent much of his youth there, until he had a beard. Walala was Donkeyman's home as a child (a485151b4s3i6a.pdf)

Kantapinta is place near Old Balgo Mission. Tjangimanta is given as name for Old Balgo Mission on another card. (a485151b4s3i6a.pdf)

Lyle mentions Bob Tingle, also in Moyle notes (Tjapanangka)
Donkeyman is a doctorman.

Moyle's notes say "Donkeyman claimed to have grown up speaking Pitjantjatjara language at Warbuton." (a485151b4s3i6a.pdf)

Moyle's notes appear to have yarra kutjarra and tjarra kutjarra as meaning 'song text' (as well as other things).(a485151b4s3i6a.pdf)

Halls Creek was his town camp (a485151b4s3i6a.pdf)

Lyle states near end how 'Laka' is a phrase meaning 'whole lot (have to join in)''
Rough transcription by Myf after recording (file is -MU extension, slightly shorter audio):
Starred bits would be good for radio show

9'51.6608 Canning stock route trip with Dick Kimber
28'20.1059 Halls Creek yeah that was his town camp, right up to Cannings and what was that place called?
33'01.4390 Yawalyurru Tjapangardi. He was at Ringers Soak. I met him at Sturt Creek next to Bilaluna.
34'17.2798 Like my father Donkeyman, they call him Yawalyurru . Hes got family at Lajumanu.
35'19.4971 Discussion of how he is named after a men's place.
35'50.2835 They was chasing women. Go to another women to woman (discussing Yawalyurru. He was Kukatja but he was Gurindji.
36'47.9003 Says that Waalampiri knows the song. (he said earlier Ronnie knew it too)
37'27.1415 Donkeyman was really straight for any business. Yuwayi. He was leader Yuwayi. And he trained all the youg fella...
37'55.8900 Any song he used to tell em bout 'Ah come on, this is happy days, we gotta sing along happy'.
38'55.9280 Warlpulpa Tjakamarra
40'42.0744 They should give him fat!
41'52.1079 Discussing R Moyle's notes
42'23.2146 *I seen em at Balgo too. When old man Donkeyman was singing. They bin dance too.
42'33.0473 end
42'39.7852 I was about 15
42'54.2605 discussing jiwirdi song
43'54.2522 This not mens business, no, its for everybody. Kids to old people.
44'06.1399 end
47'40.1331 Discussing hat with emu feather on top.
48'26.7072 Kututu that means heart. They were talking to each other 'I can fight you easy, yuwayi' Might be jealous fight from that female.
48'53.6341 And emus start to go grrr he looking for fight. Jealous fight.
49'28.4661 yaturru 'feather ' discussion
52'51.8278 Everybody sings this . Pupanya Kintore Dock River Warukurna,Blago, Gordons Down.
53'03.5969 end
53'40.8433 Laka means 'us mob come one dance whole lot'
55'38.6154 Yeah Laka yeah that mean whole lot, all get up
55'45.2341 end
55'51.9264 Whoe lot Laka
55'53.5211 end
56'11.9018 Get together might be dance together, Laka, whole lot Laka.
56'20.9369 end
56'38.6661 they call em 'whole lot Laka'
56'48.0381 end
57'25.1017 Pakala dance irri . Turlkungka yuwayi.
57'36.9796 end of discussion

Origination date 2018-12-14
Origination date free form Friday 14 December 2018, ca 4pm-5:15pm
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