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Session name: SP-20180809JB

Thursday 9 August 2018, ca 8:30am-10am.

Playing recordings of and talking about the Laka songs with Joe Brown at Fitzroy Crossing, on his verandah near KALACC office. Discussion primarily in English.

Audio recorded on Fostex FR2 with Rode lapel mic, by Myfany Turpin
Video recorded by Ben Deacon.
No stills photos taken.

Keep copy of this interview at AIATSIS and KALACC:
Wes Morris KALACC Coordinator
Phone: 0437809103
Myf shared with Wes 20 June 2020.

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Edited and Subtitled version completed by Elise Frederickson June 2020.
transcribed by Shirleen McLaughlin 2018 October - note audio of third file not transcribed.
Origination date 2018-08-09
Origination date free form Thursday 9 August 2018, ca 8:30am-10am.
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myfany turpin
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Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
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DOI 10.26278/00D3-2P56
Cite as myfany turpin (collector), 2018. Joe Brown. MPEG/X-WAV/MP4/MXF/JPEG/TIFF/PDF/XML. MMT1-20180809JB at
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Collection ID MMT1
Collection title Interviews about the Wanji-wanji ceremony, a travelling corroboree of inland Australia
Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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