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Monday 30 July, 2018 1pm, at Wangka Maya Language Centre, South Hedland.

Interview with Janet Stewart (born 1950) and Bruce Thomas (Nyangumarda / Mangala cultural advisor, born 1952) about the 'Laka', a travelling song for Myfany Turpin's project (University of Sydney). Janet Stewart is wearing a lapel micrphone but Bruce isnt wearing one (at his request).

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20180730JStewart-1.wav 38 mins
20180730JStewart-2.wav 22 mins
20180730JStewart-3.wav 4 mins

One photo was taken of Janet and I, which is included here. No video taken.

Note that I have already started to transcribe these, and these 'marked up' files are named:


I have marked these up in the software Soundstudio


Warriwankanya was a closing verse. It signalled time to pack up.
Both Janet's parents used to sing it. Her father led the dancing for some verses.
Tyanyungu was from Walal. Minda is his family / bush name. Janet thought he might be called 'Charlie'. He used to dance. Warnman family. His mother used to be a fluent Warnman speaker.
Geoff O'Grady used to be a store keeper at Walal. He was a Canadian. He used to tape Janet Stewart.
Discusses Annabelle Lacey (Sunshine coast)
'Inma Laka'
'Ronnie' - Aunty Turlal - who is this? Sounds like a woman. Sounds like Aunty Winnie. But if youve got Ronnie...
Ada Stewart is Janet's mum and Maryanne is her Aunty.

4'42.7443 Litampirrkwangka
7'16.6289 Discussion of Janet's mother
7'38.4652 Discussion of why its not being performed
13'17.5265 His family was Warnman
13'47.1609 That's the one now!
14'28.3257 Warrmala people, that come down with that song.
14'51.2351 Walangkawalangka
15'04.6180 Warrmala used to be from the Pindan people, from the desert (yeah Pitjantjatjara)
15'22.5622 We had Wanayaka from the north, warrmala from the east and nganinyarra (south-west?)
17'02.9318 discussion of shaking head while dancing, all the ladies
17'39.1693 Discussing Annabelle
20'39.6746 talking about singing it with Annabelle on the phone 'purrakakanala'
22'40.5785 Playing side B 'Ronnie' .
23'15.9348 'jipirli' means finished
23'35.7256 Aunty Turlal
25'00.8266 This my Mum, (Ada), and this my aunty Maryanne.
26'05.9219 Discussing 'Sambo'
28'08.9292 'kuyardilpungu' they used to do this on their thighs. And they used to make the track forward and back while they were sitting to that song. They did this just where they were sitting.
30'58.4886 Talking about Sambo. His given name was Tyampukujarra. The one that had these wives.
32'27.8730 discussing woman in background of the 1967 recording
35'40.7569 Discussing voice of 'Ronnie' again
36'59.5152 Janet's introduction
38'01.0356 JS: Ngaju mili ini Janet Stewart...

Archiving instructions:
Keep a copy at Wangka Maya and AIATSIS. I left a copy with them on Tuesday 31 July.

Access instructions:
Access requires permission from Janet Stewart's, and in the future from her descendants.

Janet Stewert, Nyangumarda cultural advisor
Bruce Thomas, Warnman Nyangumarda and Mangala cultural advisor

NOTE: Janet does not want her voice to be on the radio show, but she is happy for me to write about what she said.
Origination date 2018-07-30
Origination date free form Monday 30 July, 2018 1pm
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myfany turpin
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