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Title Winnie Coppin
Description 20180612Bidya_notes.txt
Winnie Grey / Winnie Coppin
Jessica (Julie Ann) Bangu

12 June 2018
Bidyadanga, Winnie's house back verandah, ca. 1pm

Audio not working properly. JG's zoom.

Another young woman present. She asks if Uncle Rocky might know this, but he went to Walal with the Rangers so wasn't available to talk to. Talk to him next time.

Winnie describes how it wasn't dangerous but it was performed at business time. men and women

Winnie mentions the chairperson of Wangka. Pinta, Christopher.

Time codes for MMT1-20180612Bidyadanga-01

2'07.7612 Thats at Walal. Somewhere around there
3'07.4035 Mandora, Walal.
4'05.8842 Come from Warrmala side.
4'20.3952 His name this corroboree Wanajarra.
4'48.1825 Well he's a meaning himself that Wanajarra. They bin bringem name from that side. to Walal. Name is Wanajarra.
5'04.9524 Its a good little song, good dancing an everything.
5'19.0900 Its a little bit like ngurlu, but its not really. You can use it, you can sing it if you want,
5'29.5919 Anybody can knowem it that inma. Dancing and all that.
5'37.1342 But its pretty hard , you know,gotta be bush all the time.
5'58.8047 Dancing and all that, girls too. Only one night girls, one night boys.
6'08.8760 And day time and one afternoon, thats all.
6'17.3961 She saying like for mens side business, girls
6'31.6217 Might be alright now hes finished. Might be alright now he's finished. I dont know.
6'52.7026 Thats the main corroboree. Good too. Nice girls swing their head.
7'35.1935 MT: Where did it come from?
7'38.5974 Wanajarra come from that side, Jigalong - south - all around there.
7'50.5518 Warrmala people, you know.
8'14.5873 That would be nice if somebody could sing it.
8'22.7642 Old people there, Waralong
8'28.6972 JB: Just to see if any old people still remember.
8'37.5499 Oh lovely that song. You know not really danger way anything.
8'50.1948 He bin grab that ? Grab them boys. Makem sleep over ...pull em like that woman man.
9'26.2625 His name that Wanna-jarra that yinma, that corrobborree
10'25.7099 Well you gotta go through the man, but not bad thing, just grab that man make him sleep and you can lie on top and you lift him up and let him go (laughs)
10'37.8607 But he's alright, not that bad, like sleep with man or anything. Nothing dangerous
11'35.4538 playing wijirrkinpara
12'29.6146 purlakakanala
12'50.9885 That song, Theyll grab you, boys, lined up, and girls, lined up. That song now. All day bush.
13'07.3394 Woman gone bush. Come back afternoon time.
13'13.0258 JB: Like midadi?
13'14.4663 Oh, different.
13'18.8382 Come back dance at night afternoon time. You right you can sing, old song, dont worry about it.
13'52.8283 sings purlakakarnala.
13'57.3620 That meaning, what that inma, womans.
14'33.6475 He belonging that side Warrmala side.
14'47.3966 They might bring it ninja-ninja time
15'09.9100 sings jiwirdila
15'18.2906 All that name ngurlu, like women's ngurlu...?
17'24.5683 I was a young girl. Young gurri.
18'43.3777 I like this song.
20'30.4766 playing wilpangka
20'37.2189 Shake head all the way til the finish. Women. Like my leg. go round and round. Good.
21'13.7954 They reckon its emus dancing. Emu you know. They reckon emus dancing.
21'24.4707 They dancing big dance, afternoon time, two people, like emu. All that.
21'36.5861 Like ... jarrawarli ...
21'47.6389 End
21'57.1883 jarrawarli jarrarna puyurrminti
22'02.2544 Puyurr, smoke coming out. And this like a garden. Lovely.
22'12.3417 Im sorry for that song. Finish. Like we got no one to sing. All that.
22'24.5018 Uncle minta this one
22'35.1539 And girls come back and dance with the boys. and yinara yinu , dancing you know. He got something in his hands.
23'02.1573 Janet belong grandfather.
23'13.8291 JB: They have a joke, uncle and nieces. Fun with uncles.
23'22.9356 They hit you, not hit you properly, but he make you numb, nearly fall down
23'32.2647 Not with immediate uncle. Distant. Jokes. They still carry on today like yinara they have em.
23'45.7430 That kind now like warlamarti
23'58.5720 little round one for one night, dancing around.
24'10.1947 sings puyurrminti
24'26.3678 sings puyurrminti - hand in front of mouth and moving quickly
24'53.3241 Wanajarra!
24'57.1950 sings m-laka26
25'01.2109 Puyurr-minti smoke in the front
25'04.0159 That sing now.
25'15.0046 (playing m-laka26)
25'22.9505 same but he little bit...
25'27.2524 but he little bit different
26'08.7836 Playing m-laka53 - tintina tintina walaka walanga
26'11.1085 Thats the start, first one.
26'33.6896 Singing em at Walal now. Thats the place where we used to see them.
26'47.1337 Walal. Every night. Nice corroborree every people dont know well we gotta singem.
27'03.8856 All the Nyangumarda mob bin there.
27'27.5518 MT: But that song come from...
27'29.3152 Come from really that side, Warrmala people (from the south)
27'42.6959 and come this way then.
28'17.4248 (playing purlakakarnala) m-laka40
29'41.6976 Thats the wanajarra song
31'12.6184 Playing yularra
31'29.4052 shaking their heads
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Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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