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Title Nyinguta Edwards, Tjarriya Stanley & Angkurna (Pantjardi) Tjitiya
Description Tuesday 8th May 2018
Creek bed near Ernabella.
Beth, Myf and Rob

Nyinguta Edwards
Tjarriya Stanley
Angkurna (Pantjardi) Tjitiya

20180508Ernabella_1 = Robs A88 (long file)
20180508Ernabella_2 = Robs A89 (short file)
20180508Ernabella_3 = Robs A90
20180508Ernabella_4 = Robs A91 - this has people introducing themselves as they listen to our recordings

See MT blue notebook 4 pages

Lavelier radio mic 2 is Nyinguta Edwards
Lavelier Radio mic 1 is Angkurna (Pantjardi) Tjitiya
Channel shotgun mic Tjarriya Stanley
Channel 6 was guidetrack (archival songs played)
Origination date 2018-05-08
Origination date free form
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myfany turpin
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Region / village
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
Data Categories primary text
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DOI 10.26278/W1EJ-Q633
Cite as myfany turpin (collector), 2018. Nyinguta Edwards, Tjarriya Stanley & Angkurna (Pantjardi) Tjitiya. MPEG/X-WAV/JPEG/TIFF/PDF. MMT1-20180508Ernabella at
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MMT1-20180508Ernabella-01.mp3 audio/mpeg 63.5 MB 01:09:20.29
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-01.pdf application/pdf 25.1 KB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-01.wav audio/x-wav 2.23 GB 01:09:20.0
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-02.mp3 audio/mpeg 10.3 MB 00:11:17.24
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-02.wav audio/x-wav 372 MB 00:11:17.0
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-03.mp3 audio/mpeg 12.6 MB 00:13:47.19
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-03.wav audio/x-wav 454 MB 00:13:47.0
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-04.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.64 MB 00:02:53.16
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-04.wav audio/x-wav 95 MB 00:02:53.0
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG01.jpg image/jpeg 7.09 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG01.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG010.jpg image/jpeg 6.25 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG010.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG011.jpg image/jpeg 8.63 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG011.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG012.jpg image/jpeg 8.75 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG012.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG013.jpg image/jpeg 6.94 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG013.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG014.jpg image/jpeg 7.63 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG014.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG015.jpg image/jpeg 9.31 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG015.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG016.jpg image/jpeg 8.25 MB
MMT1-20180508Ernabella-IMG016.tif image/tiff 28.9 MB
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Collection ID MMT1
Collection title Interviews about the Wanji-wanji ceremony, a travelling corroboree of inland Australia
Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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Jodie Kell
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