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Title Syd Strangways
Description 1 May 2018 Syd Strangways
Olive Pink Botanic Gardens
Myfany T and Robert N
video and audio 3 files

Audio files here have been mixed down to stereo in soundStudio by M Turpin
Original recorded on Sound Devices, 5 channels.

MMT1-20180501SS-01 - Olive Pink
MMT1-20180501SS-02 - Olive Pink
MMT1-20180501SS - this is message to other Aboriginal people about the song and the project
MMT1-20180501SS-04 - this is back at Syd's house listening to the Andrew Davis recording, Syd thinks its not the same Andrew he knew from Port Augusta.

Original audio file names are:
A63, A64, A65 and A66

Video files accompany audio files 1 and 2 but not 3 and 4.

Photo file names are:
transcriptions by Shirleen McLaughlin in Transciber October 2018
Origination date 2018-05-01
Origination date free form 1 May 2018
Archive link
myfany turpin
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Region / village
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
Data Categories historical text
primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type interactive_discourse
DOI 10.26278/AX9N-ZD10
Cite as myfany turpin (collector), 2018. Syd Strangways. MPEG/PDF/XML/VND.WAV/JPEG/TIFF. MMT1-20180501SS at
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MMT1-20180501SS-01.mp3 audio/mpeg 34.8 MB 00:37:59.30
MMT1-20180501SS-01.pdf application/pdf 25.5 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-01.trs application/xml 12.8 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-01.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.22 GB 00:37:59.0
MMT1-20180501SS-02.mp3 audio/mpeg 5.92 MB 00:06:28.31
MMT1-20180501SS-02.pdf application/pdf 17.7 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-02.trs application/xml 3.56 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-02.wav audio/vnd.wav 213 MB 00:06:28.0
MMT1-20180501SS-03.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.83 MB 00:02:00.15
MMT1-20180501SS-03.pdf application/pdf 14.6 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-03.trs application/xml 1.43 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-03.wav audio/vnd.wav 65.9 MB 00:02:00.0
MMT1-20180501SS-04.mp3 audio/mpeg 4.38 MB 00:04:47.14
MMT1-20180501SS-04.pdf application/pdf 13.4 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-04.trs application/xml 637 Bytes
MMT1-20180501SS-04.wav audio/vnd.wav 158 MB 00:04:47.0
MMT1-20180501SS-IMG01.jpg image/jpeg 426 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-IMG01.tif image/tiff 2.66 MB
MMT1-20180501SS-IMG02.jpg image/jpeg 469 KB
MMT1-20180501SS-IMG02.tif image/tiff 2.66 MB
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Collection Information
Collection ID MMT1
Collection title Interviews about the Wanji-wanji ceremony, a travelling corroboree of inland Australia
Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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Jodie Kell
Clint Bracknell
Felicity Meakins
Zephyr Pavey
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