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Title Interview with Joe Bird and Albie Ampetyane
Description 2017 October 4th & 5th

Recordings made at Ti-Tree with Joe Bird and Albie Ampetyane talking about Wanji-wanji.

Paddy Willis Kemarr, Tommy Thompson Kngwarraye also there. Discussing various legacy recordings and singing other song sets , however only discussion of wanji-wanji is included here.

Documented by Jason Gibson (Victoria Museum) and Myfany Turpin (University of Sydney)

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Audio (Fostex FR2, Rode NT4)

SP-20171004_2.wav - Wanji-wanji: 16'08.7439 Discussing wanji-wanji
SP-20171004_3.wav - wanji-wanji: m-laka51 Tarlata lala kurlaray manay pilpangka pirla

SP-20171005_1.wav - Joe Bird singing wanji-wanji. Says it is from Ernabella.
SP-20171005_2.wav - Joe Bird singing wanji-wanji

Origination date 2017-10-05
Origination date free form 2017 October 4th & 5th
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myfany turpin
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Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
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DOI 10.26278/SK4W-AV74
Cite as myfany turpin (collector), 2017. Interview with Joe Bird and Albie Ampetyane. MPEG/PLAIN/VND.WAV/XML/JPEG/TIFF. MMT1-20171005TiTree at
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MMT1-20171005TiTree-5_2.wav audio/vnd.wav 161 MB 00:04:53.470
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Collection ID MMT1
Collection title Interviews about the Wanji-wanji ceremony, a travelling corroboree of inland Australia
Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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