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Collection ID MMR1
Title Tripura recordings
Description This collection includes audio and video recordings of different oral texts and word lists of Usoi, a variety Tripura language, spoken by approximately 25000 people in the southern area of Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT), Bangladesh. In India, the Tripura language is also known as Kokborok.
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Md Mostafa Rashel
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university La Trobe University
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DOI 10.26278/YNKQ-E997
Cite as Md Mostafa Rashel (collector), 2017. Tripura recordings. Collection MMR1 at [Other Access].
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Edit access Tina Gregor
Md Mostafa Rashel
Data access conditions As yet unspecified
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trpUS2017_001MR_poorman A poor man View
trpUS2017_002MR_lobstar Lobstar View
trpUS2017_003MR_grandson Grandson View
trpUS2017_004MR_King_sons King's sons View
trpUS2017_005MR_dishonesty Dishonesty View
trpUS2017_006MR_marriage Marriage customs View
trpUS2017_007MR_number_1 NUME-CLF-1 View
trpUS2017_008MR_number_2 NUME-CLF-2 View
trpUS2017_009MR_kinship Kinship terms View
trpUS2017_010MR_animals_1 Animals-1 View

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