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Collection ID MM2
Title Muklom variety, Tangsa/Tangshang (India)
Description Recordings and fieldnotes relating to Muklom, a Tibeto-Burman language variety that is spoken in India and belongs to the Tangsa/Tangshang cluster.
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Mijke Mulder
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university La Trobe University
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Region / village Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh, India
DOI 10.26278/QCHD-HV29
Cite as Mijke Mulder (collector), 2015. Muklom variety, Tangsa/Tangshang (India). Collection MM2 at [Open Access].
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20151020_01 20151020_01_KV_MM_SC_Tones View
20151127_01 20151127_01_MM_MC_TheChangmiCoupleGetsLost View
20151208_01 20151208_01_MM_TY_LossAndRediscoveryOfMedicine View
20151208_02 20151208_02_MM_TY_TheStoryOfGettingFireFromTheTiger View
20151208_03 20151208_03_MM_TY_TheStoryOfGettingFireFromTheTiger View
20151208_04 20151208_04_MM_TY_TheStoryOfGettingFireFromTheMonkey View
20151208_05 20151208_05_MM_TY_AStoryAboutTheTimeOfCreation View
20151228_01 20151228_01_MM_NUC_HierarchicalAgreementElicitation View
20160106_01 20160106_01_MM_YK_AHistoryOfThePeople View
20160106_02 20160106_02_MM_YK_MKK_TheStoryOfTheVillageOfWomen View

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