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Collection ID LWR2
Title Papua New Guinea Sign Language
Description Papua New Guinea Sign Language
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Lauren Reed
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Port Moresby
DOI 10.26278/JHHE-W906
Cite as Lauren Reed (collector), 2018. Papua New Guinea Sign Language. Collection LWR2 at [Open Access].
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20181018_01 Free conversation Noah Agino, Josh Yembo and Joe Yalupe View
20181019_01 Introductions and family View
20181019_02 Free conversation Lucia Rifu Agino, Joe Yalupe, Raikos and Richard View
20181020_01 Free conversation Apo Yosman and his wife Mabiag View
20181021_01 Free conversation Joe Yalupe and Glennish Manui View
20181021_02 Discussion about culture sign vs PNGSL View
20181021_03 PNG Deaf Association meeting View
20181023_01 Family discussion View
20181023_02 Free conversation John Hasu and Hannah Autu View
20181024_01 Free conversation Noah Agino and Lucia Rifu Agino View

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