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Collection ID LWR1
Title Western Highlands Sign Languages
Description These are field tapes from work done with 12 deaf signers and a number of hearing signers living in the rural Nebilyer and Kaugel Valleys, Western Highlands, and in Mount Hagen. The data is analysed in Reed, Lauren W. (2019). Sign languages of Western Highlands and their challenges for sign language typology. Master's thesis. Australian National University, Canberra.
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Lauren Reed
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Western Highlands
DOI 10.26278/6S03-BA52
Cite as Lauren Reed (collector), 2015. Western Highlands Sign Languages. Collection LWR1 at [Open Access].
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20150115_01 Hunting for flying foxes View
20150115_02 Land dispute in 1982 involving Noma and Silka View
20150115_03 Story of how Kakuyl learned to sign View
20150115_04 Francesca asks whether Kakuyl was born deaf or not View
20150115_05 Kakuyl Kulup and son Pepsin Kakuyl View
20150115_06 Account of the origin of the Poison War of 2005-2007 View
20150126_01 Signing by Tilka Kumsiyl Lewa about how people go hunting in the forest View
20150126_02 Account by Lewa of the origin of the 2005-2007 [Poison] war View
20150126_03 Lewa explains how long he has been deaf (since birth) View
20150126_04 Kumsiyl Kakuyl tells what he did over the past two days and converses with Lewa about what both of them did View

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