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Title IPA Minimal Pair List - Warama Kurupel (Suwede)
Description Warama Kurupel (Suwede) [WKS] reads a randomized list of 176 words, selected specifically as minimal pairs for the consonant and vowel inventory. It also includes some words to explore the pronounciation of <z>, <tt>, and <dd>. The speaker was seated facing a computer screen on which was the word written in standard Ende orthography and a gloss of the word in English. The researcher (Kate L. Lindsey) read the English gloss out loud to ensure the correct Ende word was read aloud.
Origination date 2018-04-21
Origination date free form
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Kate L. Lindsey
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Language as given Ende
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Dialect Limol
Region / village Oceania
Originating university Stanford University
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Data Categories language description
Data Types Sound
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Roles Kate L. Lindsey : editor
Kate L. Lindsey : researcher
Warama Kurupel (Suwede) : speaker
DOI 10.26278/5c1a5d3ce6ae3
Cite as Kate L. Lindsey (collector), Kate L. Lindsey (editor, researcher), Warama Kurupel (Suwede) (speaker), 2018. IPA Minimal Pair List - Warama Kurupel (Suwede). EAF+XML/MPEG/MP4/MXF/VND.WAV. LSNG08-RE_EE012 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID LSNG08
Collection title Language Corpus of Ende and other Pahoturi River Languages
Description *For a searchable spreadsheet of the collection, please visit (

This is a collection of recordings (audio, video), linguistic annotations (transcriptions, translation), language materials (grammar, dictionary), photographs, and other documents collected in the years 2015-2018. The primary language of research is Ende, but many other Pahoturi River languages/varieties are included in the corpus including: Agob, Em, Idi, Kawam, and Tame. The data collection took place primarily in Limol village and was initiated and directed by the Ende Language Committee headed by Warama Kurupel.

Many local researchers assisted in the data collection, including: Alex Rex, Andrew K. Dobola, Bibiai, Biku Madura, Cathy Madura, Christina Soma, Dareda Warani, Dobola, Donai Kurupel, Dugal Karea, Duiya Sobam, Erabel Sali, Erga Baewa, Eric Terrance, Ezra Dipa, Gidu Jerry, Grace Madura, Guinea (Garayi) Pewe, Ibetty Kenny, Ina Bewag, Jeff Rowak, Jenny Dobola, Jerry Dareda, Joe-noh Kurupel, Johnny Bodog, Jordan Dobola, Jordan Kauga, Joshua Ben Danipa, Julia Titin, K. Gloria Kurupel, Kagel Kidarga, Kalamato John, Kauga Dobola, Kidarga Naklae, Kokag, Linda Duiya, Linette Bewag, Lois Sadua, Loni Garaiyi, Mado Karea, Manaleato Karea, Mangea Nama, Maryanne Kurupel, Mathias Dugal, Matthew Bodog, Matthew Kei, Matthew Warama, Max Warani, Megi Dareda, Merol Kwe, Minong Kidarga, Mome Muyabag, Musato Giwo, Namaya Karea, Pauma Tergo, Pentai Narma, Pingam Wizing, Rex Kei, Robai Rind, Rose Warama, Sali Goge, Sam Karao, Samsen Bugiag, Samuel Jerry, Sandra Dikai, Sara Richard, Sawapo Badu, Sowati Kurupel, Takia Dieb, Tina Dobola, Tomato Mado, Tonny Warama, Wagiba Geser, Wai Adasha, Wai Sowati, Warama Kurupel, Warani Pewe, Wareka Duiya, Wasang Baiio, Wendy Bewag, Wendy Eric, Winny Madura, Winson Warama, Yenis Nixon, and Yina Bewag.

Many non-local researchers assisted in the data collection, including: Kate Lindsey, Grace Maher, Elizabeth Conlan, Diana Johnson, Catherine Scanlon, Gwynn Lyons, and Lauren Reed.
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Melody Ann Ross
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