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Collection ID LSNG05
Title Languages of Southern New Guinea: Nä
Description Recordings of the Nä language spoken in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea
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Nicholas Evans
Operator Melody Ann Ross
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E979028DA93
Cite as Nicholas Evans (collector), 2013. Languages of Southern New Guinea: Nä. Collection LSNG05 at [Open Access].
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Na20130920a Initial metadata for Nä language elicitiation View
Na20130920b Nä language word list: all to foot View
Na20130920c Nä language word list: guts to salt View
Na20130920d Nä language word list: fence to village View
Na20130920e Nä language word list: go up to wind View
Na20130920f Nä language word list: breathe to look for View
Na20130920g Nä language word list: hunting to sleep View
Na20130920h Nä language word list: making to sit View
Na20130920i Nä language word list: stand to root View
Na20130920j Nä language word list: stump to mosquito View

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