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Title Klon Corpus
Description Audiovisual and written materials from the Klon speaking community in Alor. Digital video recordings of conversations, personal narratives, stories, songs, dancing, sporting competitions, and other village happenings. Handwritten notebooks, and Toolbox files containing text transcriptions, glossing and translations in Alor Malay or Indonesian and English. Also contains survey data collected in 2003 consisting of a word list, elicited sentences and Mercer Meyer's "The Frog Story".

Materials were collected on fieldwork trips in 2003 and 2004 to the village of Probur, with data primarily from speakers from the hamlet of Mataraben. Most of the data is of the Klon Bring dialect, with a couple of Klon Paneia texts. Some materials were collected as a part of a survey of the languages of West Alor, and other materials were collected with a view to producing a grammar of the Klon language. Some video recordings were made at the request of Klon speakers to have a record of important events, such as a funeral, Indonesian Independence Day celebrations and the roofing of a church.

Written materials:
ABK Alor Books. The ‘Alor Books’ are handwritten notebooks containing survey data from 2003. Alor Book 3 (ABK3) contains additional materials on Klon. The numbering of notebooks is based on the number assigned to the physical notebook. Blank pages were not included in the collection.
NB Handwritten notebooks. Notebooks contain elicited data, word lists, and transcriptions, glosses and translations of texts recorded on digital video. The numbering of notebooks is based on the number assigned to the physical notebook. Blank pages were not included in the collection. Texts were frequently transcribed by native speakers, while Louise glossed and translated the texts.
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Louise Baird
Operator Louise Baird
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Hamlets throughout Probur village.
DOI 10.4225/72/56E97A0D5E563
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