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Title Keo Notebook 2
Description Handwritten notebook containing transcribed texts with glosses and translations, and additional elicited language materials.
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Origination date free form May 1998
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Louise Baird
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Language as given Keo|Indonesian|English
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Region / village Data primarily from speakers in the village of Udiworowatu, with supplementary data from the diasporic community on the island of Flores, in the city of Kupang and on the island of Bali
Originating university Australian National University
Operator Louise Baird
Data Categories primary text
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DOI 10.4225/72/570A80B6BA944
Cite as Louise Baird (collector). Keo Notebook 2. JPEG/TIFF/PDF. LRB2-NB2 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID LRB2
Collection title Keo Corpus
Description Keo language data in the form of audio cassette recordings, their transcriptions and translations in Indonesian and English in notebooks and Toolbox files. Recordings include conversations, personal narratives, folk stories, songs, ritual performances.

Materials were collected during fieldwork trips in 1998 and 2000. Most materials were collected from speakers in the village of Udiworowatu, in south central Flores. Additional materials were collected from Keo speakers originally from Udiworowatu who resided in the towns of Ende, and Maumere in Flores, Kupang on the island of West Timor, and Denpasar on the island of Bali. The materials were collected with a view to producing a grammar of the Keo language. Written texts were collected from Keo-speaking seminarians at Ledalero seminary located just outside of the town of Maumere on Flores.

Written materials:
NB Handwritten notebooks. These notebooks were used in Indonesia. Notebooks contain elicited data, word lists, and transcriptions, glosses and translations of texts recorded on audio cassette. Notebook 5 consists solely of written texts that do not have any audio recordings. The texts in this notebook were handwritten by the authors of the texts, while glossing and translation were done by Louise. All other handbooks were written by Louise. The numbering of notebooks is based on the number assigned to the physical notebook. Blank pages, and pages containing sensitive material were not included in the collection.
PBK Philipus book. Two notebooks were used with Dr. Father Philipus Tule for elicitation sessions in Canberra.

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