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Title sentences, stories & gisaden song
Description Elicited sentences. Stories about Agta life. 'Gisaden' song reportedly about fishing in a very old or unusual vocabulary that was difficult for others to understand &/or translate.
Origination date 2006-04-18
Origination date free form
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Laura Robinson
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Language as given Agta, Dupaninan
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Region / village Kattut, Santa Clara, Santa Ana, Cagayan
Originating university University of Hawaii at Manoa
Operator Laura Robinson
Data Categories primary text
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Roles Laura Robinson : recorder
Ronald Agcaoili : speaker
Ronald Agcaoili : translator
Garwet Malingling : speaker
Lebi Agcaoili : speaker
Lebi Agcaoili : singer
DOI 10.4225/72/56F6AC5FBB84B
Cite as Laura Robinson (collector), Laura Robinson (recorder), Ronald Agcaoili (speaker, translator), Garwet Malingling (speaker), Lebi Agcaoili (speaker, singer), 2006. sentences, stories & gisaden song. MPEG/PLAIN/VND.WAV/EAF+XML/PDF/XML/RTF. LR1-041806 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID LR1
Collection title Dupaningan Agta Recordings
Description Field recordings of Dupaningan Agta, also known as Dupaninan Agta or Eastern Cagayan Agta. The recordings include elicitation sessions, wordlists, stories, and songs. The elicitation sessions and wordlists are conducted primarily via the trade language Ilocano (Ilokano), but occasionally also via the medium of Tagalog (AKA Filipino or Pilipino).
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Meagan Vigus
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