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Title 107 word Swadesh, dictionary
Description Notes in 2010 Book 1; pp. 20-25. Along with LG1-090917-01 and LG1-090917-02 comprises the whole 207 word Swadesh list; duration: 0:46:54; -02;Lexical collection: food and clothing;2010-09-27;Conversation about lexical items pertaining to food and clothing collected by AL. Notes in book 5; duration: 0:21:38; -03;Dictionary discussion 5;2010-09-27;Fifth discussion about errors in the the current draft of the dictionary. Not transcribed in ELAN; but made as a record should things need to be rechecked. Notes taken in book 5; 2010; duration: 0:31:38; All audio recordings created using Zoom H4n audio recorder with internal mic (.wav format 44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo).
Origination date 2027-09-10
Origination date free form
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Lauren Gawne
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Language as given Lamjung Yolmo
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Dialect Lamjung
Region / village Namgyu
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Originating university University of Melbourne
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
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Roles Lauren Gawne : researcher
Asa Lama : consultant
DOI 10.4225/72/56F6A9E3B7D3B
Cite as Lauren Gawne (collector), Lauren Gawne (researcher), Asa Lama (consultant), 2027. 107 word Swadesh, dictionary. EAF+XML/MPEG/PFSX+XML/VND.WAV. LG1-100927 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID LG1
Collection title Yolmo (also known as Helambu Sherpa, Nepal)
Description Audio recordings of grammatical elicitation, words lists, texts, narratives and conversations. Also one video recording of conversation picture task. Sessions mainly conducted in Nepali and Yolmo. Accompanying Transcriber or ELAN files provided for most files. Also a small number of recordings with Kagate speakers (Ramechhap district), Melamchi Valley Yolmo speakers and Ilam Yolmo speakers.
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