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Title South West Bay (Vanuatu)
Description Audio recordings of South West Bay (Also know as Nahavaq) in Vanuatu. Audio recordings include word lists, elicitation, custom stories, history, instructions and demonstrations in traditional food and craft, sports commentary and conversation. Also includes photographs of field work
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Laura Dimock
Originating university Victoria University of Wellington
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Region / village South West Bay, Malakula
DOI 10.4225/72/56E825AB48229
Cite as Laura Dimock (collector), 2000. South West Bay (Vanuatu). Collection LD1 at [Open Access].
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Laura Dimock
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0002 photo: kitchen scene View
0003 photo: Aimbel Totah View
0004 photo: boys swimming View
0005 photo: AT, MA, HR, MR, DK, GA, AA, and others View
0006 Choir singing inside CLC church View
0007 photo: Deacon Lesley Salei View
0008 photo: Aimbel Manwei View
0009 photo: Jolly Simeon View
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