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Title 201908 Kalkaringi audio files
Description Audio recordings of single words, phrases, staged conversations and learner advice over 5 days with various speakers, used in the Pilot Gurindji Online Course (LC01)
Origination date 2023-08-08
Origination date free form
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Lauren Campbell
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Region / village Northern Australia
Originating university
Operator Tina Gregor
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Roles Cassandra Algy : speaker
Lauren Campbell : researcher
Leah Leaman : speaker
Cedrina Algy : speaker
Lorna Bird : speaker
Violet Wadrill : speaker
DOI 10.26278/E48F-3M92
Cite as Lauren Campbell (collector), Cassandra Algy (speaker), Lauren Campbell (researcher), Leah Leaman (speaker), Cedrina Algy (speaker), Lorna Bird (speaker), Violet Wadrill (speaker), 2023. 201908 Kalkaringi audio files. MPEG/X-WAV. LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO at
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LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_01CA.mp3 audio/mpeg 440 KB 00:00:28.64
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_01CA.wav audio/x-wav 15.4 MB 00:00:28.28
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_02.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.68 MB 00:04:01.92
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_02.wav audio/x-wav 132 MB 00:04:01.57
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_03.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.35 MB 00:03:39.409
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_03.wav audio/x-wav 121 MB 00:03:39.376
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_04.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.08 MB 00:01:10.903
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_04.wav audio/x-wav 38.9 MB 00:01:10.870
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_05.mp3 audio/mpeg 5.55 MB 00:06:03.293
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_05.wav audio/x-wav 200 MB 00:06:03.259
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_06.mp3 audio/mpeg 5.42 MB 00:05:55.64
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190803_06.wav audio/x-wav 195 MB 00:05:55.29
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_01.mp3 audio/mpeg 4.97 MB 00:05:25.572
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_01.wav audio/x-wav 179 MB 00:05:25.538
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_02.mp3 audio/mpeg 4.22 MB 00:04:36.175
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_02.wav audio/x-wav 152 MB 00:04:36.139
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_03.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.58 MB 00:01:43.165
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_03.wav audio/x-wav 56.7 MB 00:01:43.131
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_04.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.64 MB 00:02:53.94
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_04.wav audio/x-wav 95.1 MB 00:02:53.61
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_06.mp3 audio/mpeg 5.82 MB 00:06:21.264
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_06.wav audio/x-wav 209 MB 00:06:21.230
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_07.mp3 audio/mpeg 544 KB 00:00:34.646
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_07.wav audio/x-wav 19 MB 00:00:34.612
LC02-GLPKalkAUDIO-190804_08.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.37 MB 00:01:29.320
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Collection Information
Collection ID LC02
Collection title 2019 Kalkaringi recordings for Gurindji Learners Project
Description Audio, video and images made to create language learning resources
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Edit access Tina Gregor
Lauren Campbell
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Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
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