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Title Pilot Gurindji Online Course
Description 10 lessons and appendices. Includes produced written lessons as PDF, learning videos, and the audio files used in an online flashcard program for key vocabulary and phrases. Compiled as part of the Gurindji Learners Project. The course was written for Gurindji Stolen Generation families wanting to learn Language – Gurindji and Gurindji Kriol. New source media used in the learning videos can be found in collection LC02 and LC03
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Lauren Campbell
Operator Tina Gregor
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DOI 10.26278/GJDW-KQ60
Cite as Lauren Campbell (collector), 2024. Pilot Gurindji Online Course. Collection LC01 at [Open Access].
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Lauren Campbell
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PGOC00 Pre Course View
PGOC01 Lesson 1 Getting Started View
PGOC02 Lesson 2 Basic Conversation View
PGOC03 Lesson 3 Gurindji Jaru View
PGOC04 Lesson 4 Sounds and Spelling View
PGOC05 Lesson 5 Skin View
PGOC06 Lesson 6 Nungkiying View
PGOC07 Lesson 7 Ngana-warla nyantu? View
PGOC08 Lesson 8 Visiting family View
PGOC09 Lesson 9 Partaj - Getting a lift View

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