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Collection ID KVP2
Title Dalkalaen
Description Storyboard elicitations Dalkalaen
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Kilu von Prince
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DOI 10.26278/3683-RG27
Cite as Kilu von Prince (collector), 2017. Dalkalaen. Collection KVP2 at [Other Access].
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SB_Dalkalaen_Banana_Amos Storyboard elicitation "Bandel Banana" 1 View
SB_Dalkalaen_Banana_Belang Storyboard elicitation "Bandel Banana" 2 View
SB_Dalkalaen_Banana_Bong Storyboard elicitation "Bandel Banana" 3 View
SB_Dalkalaen_Bananas_Jonas Storyboard elicitation "Bandel Banana" 4 View
SB_Dalkalaen_Bill_Amos Storyboard Elicitation "Bill vs. the Weather" View
SB_Dalkalaen_Bill_Belang Storyboard elicitation "Bill and the Weather" 2 View
SB_Dalkalaen_Bill_Jonas Storyboard elicitation "Bill and the Weather" 3 View
SB_Dalkalaen_ChoreGirl_Amos Storyboard elicitation "Chore girl" 1 View
SB_Dalkalaen_ChoreGirl_Belang Storyboard elicitation "Chore girl" 2 View

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