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Title Various PNG languages, including Sialum, Dodua, Mape, Kovai
Description Audio recordings made in Papua New Guinea. Languages listed are Sialum, Dodua, Mape, Kovai. Also includes Momire, Kâte, Tobo, Mindik, Burum, Sene, Hube, Moliu, Kinalaknga, Komba, Migabac, Ono, Nomu, Nabak, Kumukio, Wamora, Kosorong and Mâgobineng. One recording of bird song also made.
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Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Papuan languages of the Huon Peninsula, Morobe Province.
DOI 10.4225/72/56E8258F9B42C
Cite as KENNETH MCELHANON (collector), 1968. Various PNG languages, including Sialum, Dodua, Mape, Kovai. Collection KM1 at [Open Access].
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Data access details Caution: checking of these data is underway by McElhanon. Until the data are correlated with transcriptions they have little research value.
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