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Collection ID KD1
Title Recordings from Vanua Lava, Vanuatu
Description Recordings in a variety of languages from Vanuatu Lava Island, Vanuatu
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Daniel Krausse
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university University of Newcastle
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DOI 10.26278/WHWD-0Y52
Cite as Daniel Krausse (collector), 2018. Recordings from Vanua Lava, Vanuatu. Collection KD1 at [Open Access].
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HW20191107THO Explanation recorded at Sanlan̄ View
LK20191027DOR Kastom song recorded at Vētuboso View
LK20191105PRI Explanation recorded at Vētuboso View
LM20180821ISS Descriptions, Kastom stories and personal story, recorded at Vetrat View
LM20191027DOR Kastom song recorded at Vētuboso View
MT20180905ROY Explanation recorded at Sisiol View
MT20191027CHA Kastom songs recorded at Vētuboso View
VE20180821MAK Descriptions recorded at Vetrat View
VE20191105ELI Description recorded at Laln̄evut View
VU20180803ELI Translation and descriptions recorded at Laln̄evut View

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