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Title Mammals, birds, and reptiles
Description Elicitation of the following animals: squirrel, mongoose, viper, crocodile, flamingo, stork, hippopotamus, elephant, buffalo, heron, ratel, bee, honey, lion, lioness, lion cub.
Origination date 2022-02-03
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Shubo Li
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Language as given Kufo
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Dialect Kufo
Region / village Africa
Originating university Australian National University
Operator Shubo Li
Data Categories language description
Data Types Collection
Discourse type formulaic_discourse
Roles Rosey Billington : interviewer
Haroun Kafi : speaker
Keira Mullan : interviewer
Shubo Li : interviewer
Shubo Li : researcher
DOI 10.26278/K0EE-CA40
Cite as Shubo Li (collector), Rosey Billington (interviewer), Haroun Kafi (speaker), Keira Mullan (interviewer), Shubo Li (interviewer, researcher), 2022. Mammals, birds, and reptiles. MPEG/MP4/MXF/PLAIN/VND.WAV. KCP2-20220203_Animals4 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID KCP2
Collection title Shubo Li Kufo materials
Description The KCP2 collection consists of audio-visually recorded and transcribed interviews on the phonetics and phonology of the Kufo language, which are conducted and collected by Shubo Li for her Honours thesis 'A Phonological Sketch of the Kufo Language' at the Australian National University. This project follows on from the 2021 Field Methods course at the Australian National University (collection KCP1 @, and the data is collected with one diaspora speaker, Haroun Kafi, from November 2021 to October 2022.

Kufo (also known as Kufa or Kufa-Lima) is a variety of the Kanga language, which is spoken by approximately 8,000 people in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, and is classified as endangered or severely endangered. Kanga is classified as part of the Kadu language family, which possibly affiliates to the disputed Nilo-Saharan phylum. The ISO code of the Kanga language is KCP.

File-naming conventions for data collection methods:
• -zoom: collected with the Zoom online meeting software
• -h6nt3: collected with the Zoom h6 field recorder and a cardioid Rode nt3 microphone
• -h5: collected with a Zoom h5 field recorder and a Shure head-mounted microphone
• -xa50ntg: collected with a Canon xa50 camera and a Rode ntg microphone

Please cite this collection as: Shubo Li (collector), Haroun Kafi (speaker), 2021. Shubo Li Kufo materials. Collection KCP2 at

If there is any question, please email the researcher at [email protected].
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