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Title Conversations
Description Eight recordings of conversations between two Hakhun speakers in different contexts, and associated annotations and interlinearizations
Origination date 2017-02-18
Origination date free form
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Krishna Boro
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Language as given Hakhun Tangsa
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Region / village Malugaon Village, Tinsukia District, Assam
Originating university University of Gauhati
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type interactive_discourse
Roles Krishna Boro : depositor
Krishna Boro : interviewer
Phulim Hakhun : speaker
Nokrap Hakhun : speaker
DOI 10.26278/5b6b142755892
Cite as Krishna Boro (collector), Krishna Boro (depositor, interviewer), Phulim Hakhun (speaker), Nokrap Hakhun (speaker), 2017. Conversations. XML/X-WAV/MPEG. KB1-08 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID KB1
Collection title Hakhun Tangsa, India and Myanmar
Description This collection contains audio and video recordings, annotations and transcriptions from fieldwork conducted between 2008 and 2017 on a Tangsa variety called Hakhun Tangsa. This Tangsa variety is spoken by around 10 thousand speakers mainly in Changlang and Tirap Districts of Arunachal Pradesh, in India and across the border in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar.
Initial fieldwork was conducted for and supported by Dr. Stephen Morey’s research project titled “The Traditional Songs and Poetry of Upper Assam – A Multifaceted Linguistic and Ethnographic Documentation of the Tangsa, Tai and Singpho Communities in Margherita, Northeast India” funded under the DOBES programme by Volkswagen Foundation. Fieldwork from May 2015 till April 2017 was supported by my dissertation improvement grant no. BCS-1500694 titled “Doctoral Dissertation Research: A Descriptive Grammar of Hakhun Tangsa” funded by the National Science Foundation, USA, under the DEL-DDRIG programme.
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