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Title Bohuai
Description A collection of recordings, transcriptions, and other materials collected in 2001 (Massey University, New Zealand), 2007 (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea), and 2011 (Manus Island, Papua New Guinea). Language is called Pohowa, not Bohuai, by Rose Porowai.
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John Newman
Originating university University of Alberta
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Region / village Kapanou, Pelipowai, Peli Island (south, central coast), Manus, Papua New Guinea
DOI 10.4225/72/56E8256CB9C8F
Cite as John Newman (collector), 2001. Bohuai. Collection JN2 at [Open Access].
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ANALYSIS Pohowa Grammar & Dictionary View
CUSCUS2011 Kiu Noke talks about hunting for cuscus View
ORIGIN2007 Rose Porowai talks about the origins of the Pohowa-speaking communities View
SAGO2001 Matthew Chapok talks about beating sago View
WORDS2011 Two speakers pronounce a word list View

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