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Collection ID JM1
Title Biwat (Papua New Guinea)
Description Audio recordings of Biwat (Papua New Guinea). Languages as given include Mudukumo, Mekmek (related to Mudukumo), Yaul, Sangriwa and Biwat. Recordings include lexical elicitation, stories, texts, prayers, and instructions.
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James McElvenny
Operator James McElvenny
Originating university University of Sydney
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Region / village Yuat River, East Sepik Province, PNG
DOI 10.4225/72/56E82555997E4
Cite as James McElvenny (collector), 2005. Biwat (Papua New Guinea). Collection JM1 at [Open Access].
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James McElvenny
Edgar Suter
Timothy Usher
Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Data access details This was collected on behalf of Prof William Foley, University of Sydney. He should have free access. The people recorded did not specify any access restrictions other than it should not be used for profit. It is freely available for research purposes.
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01 Basic vocabulary elicitation with Masfuat in Kinakatem View
02 Attempt at getting a story from august Masfuat in tok ples View
03 Story of Glunjime from Gottfriet Muduli Magova View
04 Gottfriet Muduli Mogova giving text View
05 Attempt at eliciting verb paradigms with Clements Muduli View
06 Gotfriet Muduli Mogova telling story of Luanguaiv@ Part I, told by Muduli View
07 Gottfriet Muduli telling story of Luanguaiv@ Part II, told by Muduli View
08 basic vocabulary and sentences elicitation of Dialect of Fundukua View
09 Story of Aluvavlame View
10 Story of Luaingaiv@, told by Joseph Danny View

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