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Title Solomons Islands music tapes
Description Cassette tape recordings (Items 1-22) of a variety of Solomons Islands music, mostly taped by James Lionel O'Neil Tedder in the mid to late 1960's and early 1970's, and deposited by James' son Ian Tedder. Note: there is no Tape 8, nor Tape 11
Item 01 contains an overview document of the tape collection.
Plus Reel to reel tapes (Items 23-30)
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Ian Tedder
Operator Nick Ward
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DOI 10.26278/ASM4-E833
Cite as Ian Tedder (collector), 1964. Solomons Islands music tapes. Collection JLOT1 at [Open Access].
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01 Tape 1 Kuilati Broad casting Studio Keiboti 1992 and Overview View
02 Tape 2 NURO FERO SEPO MAKAR // DUIDUI MORO at home View
03 Tape 3 Makina Rukau // Makina and Gilbertese View
04 Tape 4 View
05 Tape 5 Kokombi women // Kokombona pipes Kwarae songs View
06 Tape 6 Ysabel Kia opening // Ysabel – Radio show View
07 Tape 7 Bili Kiki and mix includes 45rpm records View
09 Tape 9 Side 1 and Side 2 Tasia girls View
10 Tape 10 View
12 Tape 12 Side 1 Gualdalcanal // Side 2 Victory today View

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