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Collection ID JL4
Title Sumba wordlist and phrases
Description Elicited words and phrases from Kodi, Lamboya and Wanukaka

Three audio files with time-aligned transcription files of elicited recording of the Kodi language [kod] spoken in Sumba, Indonesia. Two recordings are word lists, the other consists of a few short phrases.
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Joseph Lovestrand
Operator Nick Ward
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DOI 10.26278/5c9103fcc93b9
Cite as Joseph Lovestrand (collector), 2018. Sumba wordlist and phrases. Collection JL4 at [Open Access].
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Kodi_WL403all Kodi 403-item word list View
Kodi_complete_wordlist Kodi complete word list table View
Kodi_wordlist_790 Kodi 387-item word list View
Kodiphrases Kodi phrases View
Lamboya Lamboya wordlist View
Wanukaka Wanukaka wordlist View

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