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Title Abraham 2
Description A: 1; ; Great is the lord; English; Audrey Nunyea
2; ; He that believeth ; English ; Audrey Nunyea
3; ; There’s a new song; English; Audrey Nunyea
4; ; I have loved you with; English; Audrey Nunyea
5; good; Reading Genesis Ch 20; Walmajarri; Peter Skipper
6; ; Turtapungka; Walmajarri; Women group
7; ; Jesus Jesus juntumani (Jesus keep me near …) ; Walmajarri; Women group
8; good; Reading Genesis Ch 21; Walmajarri; Peter Skipper
And Jukuna for direct speech
9; ; I’m just a pilgrim; English; Bob &Audrey Nunyea
10; ; It’s not an easy road; English; Bob & Audrey Nunyea
11; Good -Some squeaky ; Reading Genesis Ch 22 & 23; Walmajarri; Peter Skipper
; Squeaky towards the end of Ch 22
12; Squeaky; One terrible morning; English; Group

B: 1; ; Give me oil in my lamp; English; Women group
2; ; I am redeemed; English; Group
3; ; I’ve got peace like; English; goup
4; good; Reading Genesis Ch 24 begun; Walmajarri; Peter Skipper
5; ; It’s not by might; English; Audrey Nunyea
6; ; For unto us a child is born; English; Audrey Nunyea
7; ; His banner over me; English; Audrey Nunyea
8; ; Thou art my God; English; Audrey Nunyea
9; ; Reading Genesis Ch 24 cont; Walmajarri; Peter Skipper
10; ; Minyarti paji (He did not come to judge..); Walmajarri; Women group
11; ; Jumangkarni japarrkalu (What a friend ..); Walmajarri; Women group
12; ; Karnanangurni parlipangu jilkarni nungu; Walmajarri; Women group
13; ; Jartamanku (I have decided); Walmajarri, Gooniyandi, Westn Desert; Women group
14; ; Reading Genesis Ch 24 cont, ch 25; Walmajarri; Peter Skipper
15; ; Thank you thank you lord; English; Bob & Audrey Nunyea
Origination date 1978-01-01
Origination date free form
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Joyce Hudson
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DOI 10.4225/72/56FFE45790F22
Cite as Joyce Hudson (collector), 1978. Abraham 2. MPEG/VND.WAV. JHER-014 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID JHER
Collection title Walmajarri recordings
Description Contents Walmajarri and English readings and Christian songs
Originally recorded at Fitzroy Crossing 1970s for distribution on audio tape to people in the Walmajarri community.
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