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Collection ID GKLE
Title Nafsan recordings
Description Nafsan recordings of personal, historical and cultural stories, speeches, and weaving instructions, as well as films showing basket weaving and house building.
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Gray Kaltapau
Originating university University of Melbourne
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Region / village erakor
DOI 10.26278/5c8fb27b3a40a
Cite as Gray Kaltapau (collector), 2017. Nafsan recordings. Collection GKLE at [Open Access].
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Rosey Billington
Ana Krajinovic
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001 Nap̃re nig Taler View
002 Natrauswen nig Oftau go Tiawi nig tutufur View
003 Nafsan nfapuswen View
004 Natrauswen nig ati touraan teflaan I patlas taiman View
005 Natrauswen ni limok go kaltpau View
006 Natrauswen ni tesa nmatu ralim iskei go atmaat I nru View
007 Natrauswen namolien ni apu abel naar View
008 Natrauswen ni Linmas kalsilik View
009 Linmas i traus natrauswen nig apu samuel View
010 Nfauwen ni likat View

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