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Collection ID GH2
Title Alor-Pantar Field Recordings
Description This collection documents languages of Alor-Pantar, Indonesia, with a focus on the Western Pantar (Lamma) language
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Gary Holton
Operator Gary Holton
Originating university University of Alaska, Fairbanks
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E824FD1536C
Cite as Gary Holton (collector), 1996. Alor-Pantar Field Recordings. Collection GH2 at [Open Access].
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Data access details No restrictions on access for non-commercial purposes. Mr Lamma Koly has played a major role in assembling and annotating this collection and wishes it to be made freely available for non-commercial use.
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aol_ak_061219 Alor elicitation session View
aol_aw_060324 Dolu View
bi_am_061021 Publia war song (Indonesia), version 2 View
lev_061023 Wedding Discussion View

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