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Title Wagaya vocabulary, elicitation sentences and grammatical notes
Description Vocabulary, elicitation sentences, grammatical notes; Speaker: Willy Clegg; Recording location: Alexandria, NSW; Corresponding tape numbers: 205.1, 205.2, 206.1, 206.2, 207.1, 207.2, 208.1, 208.2, 209.1, 209.2, 210.1, 210.2
Origination date 1971-04-30
Origination date free form
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Gavan Breen
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DOI 10.4225/72/5703E2A3CAE49
Cite as Gavan Breen (collector), 1971. Wagaya vocabulary, elicitation sentences and grammatical notes. JPEG/TIFF/PDF. GB33-008 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID GB33
Collection title Gavan Breen Wagaya collection
Description Wagaya written materials including Breen's transcription of a Barry J Blake Wagaya recording
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Edit access Felicity Houwen
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David Wilkins
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