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Title Sora Language Recordings
Description This collection includes videos, audio recordings, oral texts, annotations and images from fieldwork among speakers of various Sora dialects in India, 2010-2021 (funded by NSF Award #1844532).
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Gregory Anderson
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DOI 10.26278/WFJ4-JK87
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Grammar Sora Grammar Elicitation View
Gulanti Gulanti Sabar Discusses Her Family's Poverty and Sorrow View
Ketan Ketan Sabaro on the Seven Rules of the Sompeng and the Origins of Maɽir Religion View
Kuni Kuni Sabar Describes Caring For Her Grandchild View
Pako Pako Sabar Describes Harvesting Crops and Cooking Food View
Parbait Parbait Sabar Describes Her Daily Trip to the Market View
Srinivas Srinivas Gomango on Sora Spiritual Beliefs and Cultural Practices View

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