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Title Session 82
Description Participants: IMK, TLB; Contents: tangram matching, 2x space game, checking stress with TLB; Length: 1:06:59; Loc: CELD; Notes: audio recording using H2, video is .mts. TLB used Wandamen, IMK tried to as well but shifted between that and Windesi phonology
Origination date 2014-02-08
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Emily Gasser
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Dialect Windesi, Wondama
Region / village Manokwari, W. Papua, Indonesia
Originating university Yale University
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Data Types Sound
Discourse type interactive_discourse
DOI 10.4225/72/57068560CA264
Cite as Emily Gasser (collector), 2014. Session 82. MP4/OCTET-STREAM/MXF/WEBM/XML/MPEG/X-WAV. EAG1-S82 at
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EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1a.mp4 video/mp4 344 MB 00:09:21.600
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1a.MTS application/octet-stream 412 MB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1a.mxf application/mxf 12.2 GB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1a.webm video/webm 346 MB 00:09:21.600
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1b.mp4 video/mp4 335 MB 00:09:06.27
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1b.MTS application/octet-stream 797 MB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1b.mxf application/mxf 13.4 GB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB1b.webm video/webm 336 MB 00:09:06.0
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2a.mp4 video/mp4 390 MB 00:10:37.0
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2a.MTS application/octet-stream 438 MB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2a.mxf application/mxf 7.46 GB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2a.webm video/webm 392 MB 00:10:37.0
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2b.mp4 video/mp4 387 MB 00:10:31.296
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2b.MTS application/octet-stream 922 MB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2b.mxf application/mxf 15.3 GB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB2b.webm video/webm 389 MB 00:10:31.279
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3a.mp4 video/mp4 281 MB 00:07:38.666
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3a.MTS application/octet-stream 302 MB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3a.mxf application/mxf 9.66 GB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3a.webm video/webm 282 MB 00:07:38.639
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3b.mp4 video/mp4 268 MB 00:07:18.891
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3b.MTS application/octet-stream 620 MB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3b.mxf application/mxf 11.2 GB
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB3b.webm video/webm 270 MB 00:07:18.879
EAG1-S82-wad020140208IMKTLB4a.mp4 video/mp4 249 MB 00:06:46.656
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Collection Information
Collection ID EAG1
Collection title Wamesa Documentation
Description Elicitation of Wamesa (aka Wandamen, [WAD]), focusing on Windesi dialect, with some recordings of other area languages.
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Emily Gasser
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