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Collection ID DKH01
Title Awiakay string figures
Description Recordings of Awiakay string figures
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Darja Hoenigman
Operator Tina Gregor
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DOI 10.26278/V2A2-BS85
Cite as Darja Hoenigman (collector), 2018. Awiakay string figures. Collection DKH01 at [Open Access].
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Darja Hoenigman
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001_abis abis 'Shrimp' View
002_aiwa aiwa ‘White cockatoo’ View
003_ambay ambay ‘Goura pigeon’ (Victoria crowned pigeon) View
004_amiao Amiao 'The Yuat River' View
005_awiaman Awiamañ ‘Red pandanus’ View
006_aynggwang Ayŋgwaŋ ‘Flying fox’ View
007_emay Emay ‘Sorcerers’ View
008_isik Isik ‘Breasts’ View
009_kakoy Kakoy ‘A white bird from the Sepik’ View
010_kamang Kamaŋ ‘Crocodile’ View

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