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Collection ID DAL002
Title 2015 Fieldtrip
Description Checking transcriptions, preparing the second edition of the Dalabon dictionary.
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Nicholas Evans
Operator Jennifer Plaistowe
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E97A132DBAA
Cite as Nicholas Evans (collector), 2015. 2015 Fieldtrip. Collection DAL002 at [Open Access].
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Shubo Li
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001 Checking clan and place names View
002 Minimal pairs: kaboddi to durnno View
003 Minimal pairs: kahmanbong to ngahwoyhwoyhminj View
004 Minimal pairs: mimi to kunungu View
005 Dalabon consonants View
006 Cold Wind and the Sun Story View
007 Dictionary Checking Session 1 View
008 Commenting on Cold Wind and Sun Story View
009 Listening to West and Bongolinjbongolinj recordings View
010 Metadata for 2015-05-26 View

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