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Title Simple declarative utterances
Description Declaratives recorded at normal and fast speaking tempo
Origination date 2018-04-01
Origination date free form
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Catalina Torres Orjuela
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Language as given Drehu
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Dialect Drehu
Region / village Oceania
Originating university University of Melbourne
Operator Tina Gregor
Data Categories typological analysis
Data Types Sound
Discourse type formulaic_discourse
Roles Kama Fulilagi Halluatr : translator
DOI 10.26278/9JP2-RD95
Cite as Catalina Torres Orjuela (collector), Kama Fulilagi Halluatr (translator), 2018. Simple declarative utterances. MPEG/VND.WAV. CT1-Declaratives_April at
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CT1-Declaratives_April-ALSA_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 2 MB 00:02:10.985
CT1-Declaratives_April-ALSA_Dr_P2.wav audio/vnd.wav 72.2 MB 00:02:10.971
CT1-Declaratives_April-ALSA_Dr_PD1.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.33 MB 00:02:32.902
CT1-Declaratives_April-ALSA_Dr_PD1.wav audio/vnd.wav 84.2 MB 00:02:32.872
CT1-Declaratives_April-DOLA_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 2 MB 00:02:10.671
CT1-Declaratives_April-DOLA_Dr_P2.wav audio/vnd.wav 72 MB 00:02:10.652
CT1-Declaratives_April-DOLA_Dr_PD1.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.68 MB 00:02:55.316
CT1-Declaratives_April-DOLA_Dr_PD1.wav audio/vnd.wav 96.5 MB 00:02:55.298
CT1-Declaratives_April-ELCO_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.77 MB 00:01:55.887
CT1-Declaratives_April-ELCO_Dr_P2.wav audio/vnd.wav 63.9 MB 00:01:55.858
CT1-Declaratives_April-ELCO_Dr_PD1.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.41 MB 00:02:37.760
CT1-Declaratives_April-ELCO_Dr_PD1.wav audio/vnd.wav 86.9 MB 00:02:37.737
CT1-Declaratives_April-FIWA_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.25 MB 00:02:27.104
CT1-Declaratives_April-FIWA_Dr_P2.wav audio/vnd.wav 81 MB 00:02:27.76
CT1-Declaratives_April-FIWA_Dr_PD1.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.75 MB 00:02:59.887
CT1-Declaratives_April-FIWA_Dr_PD1.wav audio/vnd.wav 99.1 MB 00:02:59.872
CT1-Declaratives_April-HEKA_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.13 MB 00:02:19.266
CT1-Declaratives_April-HEKA_Dr_P2.wav audio/vnd.wav 76.7 MB 00:02:19.248
CT1-Declaratives_April-HEKA_Dr_PD1.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.96 MB 00:03:13.653
CT1-Declaratives_April-HEKA_Dr_PD1.wav audio/vnd.wav 107 MB 00:03:13.621
CT1-Declaratives_April-HMWE_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.43 MB 00:02:39.223
CT1-Declaratives_April-HMWE_Dr_P2.wav audio/vnd.wav 87.7 MB 00:02:39.211
CT1-Declaratives_April-HMWE_Dr_PD1.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.05 MB 00:03:19.556
CT1-Declaratives_April-HMWE_Dr_PD1.wav audio/vnd.wav 110 MB 00:03:19.532
CT1-Declaratives_April-JEHA_Dr_P2.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.66 MB 00:02:54.87
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Collection Information
Collection ID CT1
Collection title Recordings of Lifou French and Drehu
Description Recordings of bilingual speakers of Lifou French and Drehu. The recording sessions were in Wé in the offices of the aire cotumière and the Lycée polyvalent des îles Williama Haudra. Speakers from all three districts were recorded (Wetr, Gaica, Lösi).
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Edit access Catalina Torres Orjuela
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Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access narrative The items in this collection are closed until end of 2025. For more information, please contact the depositor.

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