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Collection ID CS2
Title Texts of various genres in the Abma language (Vanuatu)
Description texts in the Abma language, of various genres: custom stories, explanations, descriptions, personal narratives, conversation, songs, comparisons.
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Cindy Schneider
Operator Aidan Wilson
Originating university University of New England
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Region / village Pentecost island
DOI 10.4225/72/56E8246DD1B68
Cite as Cindy Schneider (collector), 2003. Texts of various genres in the Abma language (Vanuatu). Collection CS2 at [Open Access].
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Cindy Schneider
Emil Mittag
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01 Kastom story View
02 A chief's work View
03 What I did yesterday View
04 There's going to be a wedding View
05 Island life compared to town life View
06 Story of a war View
07 How the war ended. View
08 How to make a basket View
09 Kastom story: The younger brother and the breadfruit tree View
10 Tamarin String Band View

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